Orthodontic Services

Metal Brackets

If you’re like the 75% of Americans who deal with crooked or improperly aligned teeth, you don’t often feel as comfortable as you should in your skin. Thankfully, technology has made this problem a thing of the past, and with innovation comes many benefits! Susanville Dental Specialties is proud to offer many kinds of braces to accommodate your needs and correct the issue in the quickest time possible.

With so many choices for orthodontics these days, it can be hard to know which route will be beneficial to you and your confidence levels. When making a crucial decision like which orthodontics to choose, it helps to have knowledge of what different types of orthodontics will do to your mouth and how affordable they’ll be for you.

Metal braces are clearly the most effective option when it comes to treating extreme situations when overcrowding is happening. That’s not the only benefit, though. These metal braces are a more affordable alternative when compared to options like Invisalign or clear braces, making it more accessible to each and every patient.

Ceramic Brackets

Another option that is similar in size and shape to metal braces are what we call ceramic braces. You may not have heard of this type before but it is a favorite among many patients in our office. The braces are transparent so that they blend in with your teeth. Ceramic braces are great if you want the treatment time of conventional metal braces but also the ‘clear’ advantages that you see from products like Invisalign!

If you or a loved one would like to benefit from innovative and cost-effective orthodontics – give Susanville Dental Specialties a call today! Our friendly staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have and get you on the schedule at your earliest convenience. We can’t wait to meet you!


A wide variety of Susanville residents are suffering with teeth that may be less than perfect. Are you one of them? Stop living every day second guessing your smile. Get the straight teeth you want and deserve with orthodontic treatment from Susanville Dental Specialties!

Providing an experience that is unlike any other in our area – we make sure your braces are always performing like they’re supposed to and nothing is out of line.

At Susanville Dental Specialties, we have found that conventional orthodontic treatment typically requires more visits to the office than our other options like Invisalign™.

However, more trips can assure that your orthodontic treatment is going as smooth as possible and performing in a way that fits our treatment timeline window.

Smile with confidence again and get the straight teeth you deserve by calling us today to schedule your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Phillips!

Surgical Orthodontics

What is Surgical Orthodontics?

Just as traditional orthodontics reposition the teeth into their proper places, the surgical side of orthodontics (aka Orthognathic Surgery) properly corrects and aligns the irregularities of the jaw and or jaw muscles in order to improve your overall comfort whenever you’re speaking, chewing and breathing.

We may move forward orthognathic surgery in some instances to improve facial appearance if that is of concern for the patient. In simpler terms, this surgery can allow you to have the perfect jaw line. This treatment is commonly performed in accordance with braces for the correction of your teeth.


If you’re one of the patients wanting to avoid traditional orthodontic treatment altogether, then let us introduce to you, Invisalign™: the revolutionary new way to smile while receiving your orthodontic treatment. That’s right.. start smiling better during treatment thanks to the expertise at Susanville Dental Specialties!

These incredible plastic trays are a great alternative for anyone wanting to avoid the visibility of traditional metal braces but still be able to live your everyday life. With Invisalign™ you’ll no longer deal with the inside of your cheeks being cut up or becoming raw due to the rubbing and scratching of metal in your mouth.

Smile freely with Invisalign™ because Invisalign™ allows you to eat without any food restrictions while also maintaining great overall aesthetics for your mouth! Get your treatment started today so you can start smiling better tomorrow – thanks to Invisalign™ and Susanville Dental Specialties!